Born Again Bikes
Our ample shop can accommodate as many as four or five concurrent
projects. We have secure, semi-conditioned, indoor floor and workbench
space to ensure that each bike or engine remains accessible and
protected from the elements for the duration of the project. Equipment and
facilities include pressure wash, parts wash, sandblast, drill press,
hydraulic press, tire mounting, soldering, welding, and other basic shop
and power equipment. We have a complete selection of Standard, Metric
and Whitworth wrenches and sockets, as well as complete selections of
hand tools to ensure that your fasteners are handled properly to avoid
damaging their integrity and finish. All specialty tools including torque
wrenches, micrometers, calipers and other tools typically used for
precision work, are on-hand to ensure that the integrity of work done on
your project is of the highest quality. Our shop is well lit, ventilated and
arranged so that your bike or engine will not be disturbed or accidentally
damaged by any other project, equipment, or process in work. All
completed projects are securely stored, covered, indoors.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that all products and services provided by Born Again Bikes will
meet or exceed OEM or supplied specifications for a reasonable period of time,
depending on function and use, or we will repair or replace it free of charge.

Security & Insurance

Our indoor facilities are protected by a security alarm system, and are fully
covered by liability and accident insurance up to $10,000.00 per vehicle.
Additional coverage can be provided for specific projects as required.