Born Again Bikes was born out of Paul's hobby of riding and working on
motorcycles since 1970. What started as a need to fix broken shifters,
levers and lights from dirt bike crashes, progressed to replacing pistons
and rings on simple 2-strokes, then to overhauling and performance
modifications on 4-stroke multis.

After refurbishing several Japanese bikes, Paul began to get involved with
Triumph Bonnevilles and other British bikes, and finally doing complete
nut-and-bolt restorations.

In September 2005, Mr. Zuniga made the decision to turn his hobby and
lifelong passion into a professional business catering to others with the
same love for vintage motorcycles.

The list of his accomplishments includes 9 custom builds, 18 restorations,
3 salvage restorations, 18 major refurbs, and numerous overhauls & "make
runs". Currently, three restorations, one custom build, and two refurb
projects are in work in the Born Again Bikes workshop. (Jan 2011)

Paul Zuniga learned basic mechanics
working on lawnmowers as a summer job,
then progressed to dirt bikes and street
bikes as he started building a collection.
As a senior in High School, he completed
an advanced Agricultural Mechanics course
which included engine repair and welding.
Paul then went on to train in Aviation
Ground Support Equipment in the U.S.
Navy, which included training in electricity
and electronics, corrosion control,
hydraulics, and refrigeration, besides
advanced mechanics and welding
techniques. Paul has been heavily involved
in Mechanical and Electrical CAD design
and construction for the last 20 years.
Born Again Bikes